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GREENRIDGE helps you to build wealth and gain financial freedom through quality real estate investments. With our strong understanding of the real estate market, we have developed a safe turnkey investment system, allowing for a secure, hands-off investing experience for you.

You make a solid profit, and all of the actual work is taken care of. You can earn a healthy return on investment, without having to buy or manage the real estate yourself. Best of all, your investment is securely backed by real property. It’s one of the safest investments there is. As a successful real estate investment team, we’d like to offer you the chance to join the other delighted investors who have put their money into high-growth opportunities with us.

You have the potential to earn significantly more than the rates offered by banks, GIC’s, traditional RRSP’s or mutual funds. With interest rates at a 40-year low, smart investors are keeping their money out of financial institutions, and putting it into more profitable ventures. GIC’s, long-term deposits, RRSP’s, Canada Savings Bonds and Canada Premium Bonds will give you a dismal return, even for the maximum length of their terms. And while there are many other investment options that may have the potential to earn you higher rates than the financial institutions, those investments also carry a higher degree of risk.

In Canada, real estate is still one of the most secure investments you can make. Even if the housing market drops, we have solid, proven strategies that allow us to adapt to any market conditions, and still make an excellent profit.

With the current market plateau, we have more opportunities at negotiating better prices when buying. The key to making money in real estate is adapting to the market trends. The “buy low — sell high” approach can work well at this time, but even more effective is the rent-to-own method that we currently use almost exclusively. We secure a greater initial financial input from prospective buyers, a fixed profitable buyout price, and a more reliable cash flow along the way.

If you are considering investing in real estate, this is a fantastic time. We can offer you an investment option that exactly matches your financial needs. Of course, instead of investing with us, you could decide to buy your own real estate instead... Investing with is a win-win.

Your investment allows us to expand our property holdings, and in return, we give you a generous return on your money. With the economic stability of Ontario, as well as our booming population and continued financial growth, investing in real estate in this province is an excellent choice.

How are we Different?

Simple. Our Rent-to-Own program is built on a win-win platform. How so you ask? Let us explain:
1. We deliver above-average return on investment for our investors while maintaining a realistic monthly payment and future purchase price for our tenant-buyers. We don’t have “canned” numbers and work out each deal based on our tenant-buyers needs and circumstances.

2. We manage each and every deal. Why is this important? It is a guarantee for the tenant-buyer that we will work with them for the entire term to help them improve their credit while ensuring the investor that they will truly not have to worry about being a landlord.

3. We work with some of the best real estate agents and mortgage brokers out there. They know what makes our program tick and our proud to present our company to their clients knowing that we will do everything in our power to ensure that our program is a good fit for them, right now.

4. Selective. We only work with clients that are truly a good fit for our Rent-to-Own program and will be in a good position at the end of the term year term to get their own mortgage. To say that we are dilligent in our screening process is an understatement. We would be proud to explain to you in more detail how we screen to ensure higher success ratios.

5. Passion. We are in this business because we love what we do. With what other investment do you get to help someone live his or her dream of owning a home while making a modest return on your investment? For us, this is the perfect win-win situation!

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