Real Solutions for Real Estate Problems


GREENRIDGE is focused on providing the best solutions for a client's real estate challenges. Whether you're looking to sell, rent or buy, our aim is to put your interests first, and to find a solution that is suitable for your needs and requirements. We understand that sellers, buyers or renters have unique requirements, that are sometimes not met through the traditional real estate channels and require alternative solutions. We are dedicated to working with you - whether your dream is to own your own home (but don't have the down payment required) or to sell your property quickly, we are open to alternative and creative solutions.

We also provide a superior alternative for investments through real restate. While there is no investment that is 100% "risk-free", real estate can provide a tangible alternative that yields a positive return. Our real estate investment properties are well researched and easy to own. From complete turn-key solutions, to hands on investments, we work closely with our clients to ensure the best returns. Our philosophy is to focus on high returns for our clients with minimum risk.

Rent to own

Do you have poor credit or no credit at all? Are you new to Canada? Are you self-employed? GREENRIDGE can help you

Avoid foreclosure

If you are behind on your mortgage payments, or need to sell now, avoiding realtor fees? Contact us today.

Investor solutions

We offer secure investments with solid returns makes real estate with GREENRIDGE the perfect choice.