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Will the bank not approve you? We have the Solution.

Are you a frustrated renter who has been turned down by the banks for a mortgage? With GREENRIDGE's Rent to Own Program, you can choose your home today,while work with us to save for your down payment, improve your credit so you can own it in two years.

Finding financing for your home can be difficult if you have had credit issues in your past, if you are new to Canada, or if you are self-employed. Banks are becoming more and more difficult to deal with when obtaining a mortgage. At GREENRIDGE Properties we work with you to help you find the home of your dreams in the neighbourhood you desire and give you the finance options to make that dream a reality.

What is‘Rent To Own’?

Quite simply, buying a home the traditional way means putting a large chunk of cash down, getting a loan for the balance (mortgage), and paying off that balance over twenty-five years. The three biggest requirements of buying a home traditionally include:

  • Having a large down payment
  • Having exceptional credit
  • Having a steady source of high monthly income

  • If you lack the resources to buy a home the traditional way or perhaps need time to repair your credit, you may want to consider purchasing a home through GREENRIDGE’s Rent-To-Own program.

    How The GREENRIDGE Rent To Own Process Works:

  • As a long time renter, you finally decide you want to own your own home, and you start looking for a home that fits you and your family’s needs.
  • You fall in love with the perfect home, and get excited. Your income is good. When you apply for financing you need, you are denied for one of many reasons (bankruptcy in the past, poor or no lack of credit history, or you just don’t have enough down payment)
  • Contact GREENRIDGE Property Solution because you realize that you need help today, to reach your long-term home ownership goals.
  • We have you complete our Rent To Own Application and supply us with the required documents.
  • We evaluate your application and work closely with our mortgage broker who gives an honest appraisal of the likelihood of you qualifying for financing within the next 2 years, based on your current situation.
  • We perform a credit check and a reference check so we get a clear picture of what the banks are seeing, so we know how to work with your credit.
  • If you fit the criteria (solid income, some down payment, ability to qualify for your own mortgage in 2 years) we work with you to find you that fits you and your family.
  • Your downpayment is held by us, and added to a portion of your rent every month. (sort of a forced savings program) We work with you throughout the two years, to repair your credit, and save your downpayment that the bank will require for the end of the term.
  • At the end of the term, we have an agreed upon purchase price for your home (Option to purchase) This price is set before we ever get into the rent to own, and will not changed, even if the market prices grows much faster anticipated over the term. You get into your home today, knowing what the purchase price will be in two years, which allows us to know exactly how much you will need as a downpayment.
  • You purchase the home privately from us, at the end of the term, without an agent involved, so no real estate commissions are paid.
  • RENT TO OWN – How it helps you today

    Owning a home is often the primary way Canadians build wealth and a secure future.
    Whether you are looking to move into a duplex, townhome or single-family house, GREENRIDGE Property Solutions can help you achieve your dreams of home ownership. We get you in your home faster, so you can already start building equity before you buy.
    Why wait for prices to continue to climb? A large down payment is not required for option to buy homes in Canada. You can live in your dream home while you build equity for your down payment. The future purchase price is locked-in, and you can benefit from any property appreciation when you exercise your option to buy the home.

    Why not enjoy your dream home now? You can move in, decorate and even make upgrades - knowing that your time and work will help increase the value of the home. Since the home price is pre-determined, you keep all gains in the value of the home over the leasing time period.

    Do I Qualify?
    Are You a New Canadian?

    Often when you are new to Canada, you have a down payment, but the bank won’t approve you because you have no established credit in Canada. Over 200,000 people each year immigrate to Canada. With a down payment, we can help you move into a home, not a rental property, while we work with you to establish credit so that in 2 years you can get a mortgage and own your home.

    Rent to own

    Do you have poor credit or no credit at all? Are you new to Canada? Are you self-employed? GREENRIDGE can help you

    Avoid foreclosure

    If you are behind on your mortgage payments, or need to sell now, avoiding realtor fees? Contact us today.

    Investor solutions

    We offer secure investments with solid returns makes real estate with GREENRIDGE the perfect choice.